Busy Day

Today was a busy day. The hubby and I spent the day in Charlotte at the divisional headquarters for the mission organization we have applied to join. Man, this is like no other job process I have ever seen! We already met with the candidate reps. at the territory headquarters in Atlanta and took all kinds of tests (LOL, I beat my hubby on the Reading test). We took a butt load of psychological assessments, but haven’t heard if we are crazy yet. Today we had the “hot seat” interview with the divisional commander and about 7 others. This weekend we meet our coach who will hold our hand through the rest of the process. We each have to come up with 8 goals we want to work on over the next 9 months until we go to training. He will visit us every month to check on our progress.

Everything is going well. Nothing real hard to do; it’s just a lot!
The only bummer is I found out I can’t wear nail polish or earrings with the uniform. Those are two things I never leave home without! My boss lady knew I would have a hard time with that one and told me after we get out of the training school, I could get away with it as long as we weren’t near a divisional headquarters where the commander could pop in unannounced.

This is going to be an adventure!


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