October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month


I see the results of domestic violence all too often at my job.   You can’t get much lower than hitting on a pregnant woman.

I even work with a man who is a victim, but recently got out of the situation after the baby was injured. He told me he could take her crap, but when the baby ended up getting hurt, he had to call the police and have her arrested.  He was awarded sole custody. I can tell he is much happier.  We have even joked about getting together a “date selection committee” for him.

Not sure where I’m headed with this post. I was just reading on another blog and in a group on another website about this subject.  It just breaks my heart.  So thankful for the home I was blessed to grow up in.


2 thoughts on “October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

    • I think this man is a good guy. The wife is known for being the problem because of her drinking. His problem was he enabled her, but knew he had to do something when the child got injured. Everything was final today. He has sole custody.

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