Love Doesn’t Have to Mean Agreement

Why is it people think that love means you have to agree with someone’s actions?

I was recently blasted for a comment I made on another site.  The person was asking how I could say I loved others when I put them down.  Uhh, it’s not putting someone down to say you don’t approve of their behavior.

For those that don’t know me, I am pretty consevative. I watch Fox News, have guns in my home, and voted for George W. Bush back in the day.  I am opposed to abortion and consider the practice of homosexuality a sin, but *gasp* I have 3 gay friends. So, yes you can love someone without supporting their actions. 

I saw a wonderful example of this on the news this morning.  There is a pastor’s wife who started a church for strippers.  I’m not kidding!  Check out  She started it as a ministry to those in the sex industry.  She didn’t go in passing out Bibles or “Biblethumping.” She took them food and told them she she cared. I’m sure this lady did not think stripping for strange men was a good idea, but she cared for them. 

So yes, it it possible to care without agreeing with someone.

Just my vent for today.


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