Funny how the only man I’ve ever been with tells me I’m acting like a slut because I actually have a sex drive when HE was the one who was with another girl before me. Seriously?

Any recommendations for smarta$$ comebacks are welcome. If the whole situation weren’t so sad, I’d laugh.

To give him a little credit, he is trying to lose weight to see if that is his problem. He’s down about 7 lbs. and has actually seen the inside of a gym for the first time since 2008.

We’ll see…..



10 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. My husband in the past was fond of telling me I had a “abnormal” sex drive, as if wanting to be intimate with your husband on a regular basis was somehow Not really funny however…hmm a good comeback. Might have to think on that a bit:)

    • I know, right? They act like we’re the ones who have the problem. I’ve read a lot on the subject, and there is NOTHING that says the spouse with the desire is abnormal.

  2. It is amazing how (before I left the marriage) that my wife somehow turned the fact that she had a husband that bends over backwards for her, and wanted a deep level of daily intimacy into MY problem…. I finally looked her and said, “You have a husband who COOKS, CLEANS, TENDS TO THE KIDS, VACUUMS, MOWS THE YARD and wants to have SEX with you and somehow this is a problem for YOU????? It must REALLY suck to be YOU!” And I walked out.

      • There is ALWAYS hope… Never stop thinking that…

        My situation was different though. She and I were NEVER “hot and heavy.” Our passion never fizzled. It never got going… Sad.

  3. I stopped thinking I was the abnormal one a long time ago. I even went to the doctor to get my hormone levels checked because my husband had me convinced I was a nymphomanic. Your husband is the delusional / abnormal one. Ask him if his friends would object to having sex several times a week and then we’ll see who is the ‘abnormal’ one 😉

  4. Hey Michelle, what really makes me smirk is the way he “eludes” to our sex life, with little comments and winks when his friends are around…so he is perfectly aware that our lack of sex life is wrong…fortunately I no longer care, but it took time to get there, and it was a painful time…don’t mean to minimize it in any way.

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