A Doormat No More

I seriously wish I could stop being such a wuss. I need to learn to say, “no”. I need strength to stand up for myself instead of backing down and trying to please people.

For once, I wish I could speak my mind to the idiots instead of being afraid of what they think. That day may be coming soon….I have been given my hubby’s blessing. He is just as tired as I am. Change may be coming real soon.



5 thoughts on “A Doormat No More

  1. The ability to LOOK someone in the eye and say, “NO!” is one of the most empowering things on the planet! It gets easier each time you do it. Try it! You’ll see what I mean.

  2. My oldest niece is in this situation where she can’t say no and won’t stick up for herself. Like Ray said, the first time you do it is tough but then gets easier each time. I am pretty assertive but I wasn’t always, it was a learned behavior. It may sound weird, but practice in a mirror, lol.

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