Attention: Parents of Brats

OK, I’m going to address a controversial topic, so if you disagree with spanking you may want to stop reading.
I’m sitting at the pool on my last day of vacation enduring a screaming child running around. I would love to go to the mother and say, “Excuse me, M’am. Would you like some help? I can stop that for you.”

I promise a good swat or two on the backside won’t damage a a child or send them to therapy when they are older. Forget the myth that it will make them more aggressive.

I was spanked and never hit anyone. And guess what..I never went to the principal or got suspended at school. I’ve never been in trouble with the law or done drugs.

My husband and I both spanked our children when they were little. We don’thave to anymore because they know how to act now.

Just please let me enjoy my last day of vacation without having to listen to a screaming brat.



One thought on “Attention: Parents of Brats

  1. A swat I agree with. It’s a sudden motion that stings and attracts attention, diverting them from their current behavior. I rem being a kid and arguing with my brother, and suddenly my grandmother, who I adored…tapped me on the mouth. I rem tearing up and feeling ashamed of my behavior. It is the one and only time she ever popped me, but I loved her nonetheless for it. I don’t like parents who are smacking their kid around for every little thing, but done at the right time it can be effective.

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