What is a Friend?

I suprised myself this weekend. I stayed calm. It happened Friday morning with an argument with my husband over Facebook. I accepted a friend request from a “lady” in our church. She is strange, I admit. I’m not sure if she is completely transgender or what, but she definitley wants to be a man and is mistaken for one. I wasn’t thrilled to accept, but didn’t want to offend her and cause trouble. My hubby saw she commented on one of my posts and was not happy with me. I stayed calm and didn’t let it get to me though.
I get lectured all the time about how 131 people can all be my “friends” if I don’t see them or call them on the phone, especially when 70 something of them are from high school and I never see them. Yet, he gets into my account all the time looking up people he knows.

I say a friend is anyone you care about. Technology is a good thing that makes it easier to stay in touch. Good news or prayer requests can be sent with one click. I don’t have to see or talk to my bestie of 33 years all the time. She is busy with work, her son and taking care of her husband who was permanantly injured in a car accident.

A simple “just saying hey” or “checking on you” e mail or text lets someone know you care when you don’t have time to get together or talk on the phone. Nothing wrong with that.



4 thoughts on “What is a Friend?

  1. The cyber world of friendships should be no different than real life. Okay there are differences lol, but what I mean is…in real life we have people we are friendly with, people we really like, and those we can call on at 2 a.m in a crises. Not all my online contacts are close friends. Some end up becoming that way and that’s great…but technology should give us more leeway in terms of connecting, not putting pressure on.
    The transgender at church…I have no answer, except that she might need a friend and if she it truly strange (and I don’t mean her being transgendered) then you have the option of monitoring the situation and seeing how much closeness, if any you want.
    Why am I explaining all this…I’m sure you got it figured out..sorry!!:) lol

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