Wasted Week

Been feeling pretty good lately, and in some ways,  things are better than they’ve been in a long time.  The hubby and I have talked more in the past month or two than in the past few years.  We were both untrusting of each other and snooping.  His suspicions of me started not because I’ve been doing anything wrong. I think they started because I’ve been private about some things I’ve been doing. I joined an online support group to help deal with some issues in my marriage.  It’s nothing bad.  I’m not doing cyber sex or plotting to meet someone for an affair. I just needed people who understand.  He would still blow a gasket if he knew.  He doesn’t know about this blog either.

Some things are still the same ole same ole though, so today had me pretty down. Both of our children were away this past week. Now, I think many parents would have taken that opportunity to enjoy themselves. You know what I mean…enjoy themselves all over the house: the kitchen, the living room, hanging from the ceiling (LOL). Just doing things you can’t do when the kids are home.


I’ve even begun to question my faith. I have prayed and prayed over this. The Bible even says not to neglect your spouse in that area. So why isn’t God doing something about this? I haven’t even been praying or reading my daily scripture e mail lately.

Sorry for the rant. I try not whine on here too much. I’m just tired tonight (sigh).images


3 thoughts on “Wasted Week

  1. Michelle, and I say this with love, maybe you need to both come clean with each other about the things done in secret. Sin of omission is still sin. God may be trying to bless you and answer both of your prayers, but is waiting for the veils you have both created to be lifted. Anything done behind each other’s backs is lying to each other. God won’t honor you both in your marriage until the dark places are exposed. Trust me, I speak from experience in this. If you need a friend, I am here. As a sister in Christ, I only want the best for you, and this is something I see as a danger zone for you. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    • I never got the notice that you replied to me. I am not sure what is happening between wordpress uses. Ugh.

      I have been praying every day for you, though, and I came back to check how you are. I was so happy to see that you are talking more, Michelle. It can truly make all the difference in the world. Please know that you are in my prayers daily for your situation and that if you you need a friend, I am here.

      Big hugs!!

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