Blog Challenge: Day 31



Why do I blog?

Until last September, I had never made any friends online.  I was always scared of serial killers, perverts, and such. 

Then, I joined another soical networking site in an effort to find answers to some problems I’ve been dealing with in my marriage. Wow, oh wow!  There were over 35,000 people with the exact same  problem!  I quickly became addicted and realized that strangers online are no different than the strangers you meet in person. I treat them the same as far as sharing info. goes.

Anyway, I began to write my thoughts about my problems and just kept going from there. It has been very helpful.  I realize people don’t want to hear me piss and moan about my problems all the time, so I also try to write positive things too.  I’m really enjoying it though.


2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge: Day 31

  1. I like this blog challenge. I know for me sometimes I have a difficult time considering what I want to write. It gives you a focus, and I’m sure lead to other things that didn’t cross your mind previously.
    Day 31, way to go!:)

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