Blog Challenge: Day 20


A difficult time in my life:

There are several to choose from, so I’ll go with the one that I think helped make me who I am now.

It was right after getting married. Sure, I was a happy newlywed, but I was a such a baby (barely 21). I lived with my parents until the day I got married, so I never knew what it was to be on my own. After the honeymoon, I moved all the way from SC to his apt. in New Mexico. This was difficult enough, however, there was more to come. Three months later, we moved to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. I didn’t know anyone. I was lonely and missing my friends and family.
I was also having to learn the Air Force way of life. Other than my prom and a few weddings, I had never attended fancy, formal dinners. Suddenly, I was in a new country missing my family and friends and having to learn how to act like a dignified offficer’s wife around Colonels, Generals and their wives when most 21 year olds are partying or finishing college. There were other young wives, but they were mostly enlisted, not officers, so I couldn’t hang out with them.

Those first few years were difficult, but I learned quickly.

There have been other difficult times. We had 2 adoptions that fell through, which was devastating.

I’m currently having a difficult time, in that I’m trying to decide what to do aout my marriage of 21 years.

So, there you have it. “Hard times, bad luck, sometimes life sucks.”


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