Prequel to Saturday’s Post

So, this past Sat. I cracked my head on the edge of the dresser while standing up after bending over to put clothes away. 

Now, as aggravating as he can be, I have to brag on my hubby for taking good care of me. It was bleeding pretty good, so I ran into the bathroom so I wouldn’t get blood on the carpet. He grabbed a towel for me. After looking , he said he thought was going to need stitches. My clothes were bloody so he got me some clean ones and began to undress me as I hold the towel to my head. I couldn’t resist. I just had to make a comment about how it took me bleeding like a stuck pig to get him to undress me. LOL

Anyway, I have to give credit when it’s due. He has been a good nurse, washing my hair for me and cleaning the wound. 



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