Some People Need to Mind Their Own Business

This has been brewing in me for a while, but I have to be careful what I say around a lot of people.  Seems like much of my life is spent biting my tongue. Ugh.

I’m tired of being judged and people freely giving their opinions of what I should do as a pastor’s wife or mother.  The spotlight stinks.  So here is my philosophy…

Just because I do not stay home spending my day cooking and cleaning or homeschool my children does not make me some man hating “femi-nazi.”  In many areas, I am old fashioned and traditional.  My husband is the head of the house and makes the major decisions for the family.  I choose to work because I want to help him financially with the bills.  You also never know what could happen and when you might have to take care of yourself (Years ago, I spent about 5 hours waiting to hear if I was a widow).  Read Proverbs 31, people! I did consider a field (well, house) and bought it on my own.

It just amazes me how people automatically assume because we’re in ministry, I must stay home and homeschool.  My children go to school because they need to get out of the house and socialize.  We have done private school in the past, so anyone who wishes, is welcome to pay for it.

Maybe I’m different because I signed up to be a military wife, not a pastor’s wife. I just wish I had a quarter for every time

I ‘ve been invited to a ladies meeting or homeschool mom’s group and received that strange look like I’m an alien when I tell them I have to work.

We aren’t  your typical ministry family anyhow. My hubby would just as soon lead a Bible study with a few people over a beer in a bar as he would  put on the monkey suit and preach for 100 people on Sun. morning. He’s more like Doug Giles, the pastor who wrote “Raising Righteous and Rowdy Girls” (a must read if you have a daughter).

I’ll stop rambling now, I just wanted to get that off my chest. People can think what they want, I know I love God and try to live right, so there!



5 thoughts on “Some People Need to Mind Their Own Business

  1. You do not have to answer to any of these people. The judgers. The haters. The busy bodies. Sweetie, all you have to do is be right with the Lord. That is ALL that matters. Fix your eyes on him. Don’t let them get to you….by you not rising to their occasion of judging you, you are heaping hot coals on their head (just like the Bible says). Hold your head high and know that you serve a God who loves you and wants you to only be in His will……..not theirs.

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