4 thoughts on “Love

  1. Those are both so good, Michelle. I am so in touch with the second one. He made me laugh, but the tears I cried over him because of the love were so many. He made me so happy; his words so very beautiful. In the end, I was a game….that’s when the tears doubled. Thanks for sharing. I am loving your blog.

  2. Thank you. I love your blog too. You have such a beautiful way with words.
    The second quote hit home for me as well. I have cried an ocean over the past few years. Every time I get close to leaving I just can’t do it. I made it as far as an attorney’s parking lot and couldn’t go in.

    • Listen to your heart Michelle. It’s telling you something. You just have to figure out “what.” I can tell you that since leaving the house, it’s been better. I can breathe finally. The kids are seeing a HAPPY Dad for once.

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