That Just Ain’t Right

imagesThis is not about me, but something I saw today…

Dear Social Services,

The system is royally screwed up when you threaten to take children away from their mother if she doesn’t leave an abusive man. HE should be the one out. There is no reason to make her and the children leave when he is the problem.


4 thoughts on “That Just Ain’t Right

  1. Not sure, but they may know more about the situation, though. I agree that children need to stay with the mother, as long as the mother is safe from harm from the father completely and she is showing the want to get away from him as well. If she will keep returning, as a lot of women do because they are brainwashed into it by the abuser, that puts the children in constant jeopardy. Their primary goal is keeping those kids out of harms way physically first and emotionally second.

    But, I do agree, if they can be safe with the mom, then yes, they should definitely be with her.

    • I was thinking they need to make the abuser leave, not her and the kids. But since I wrote this a couple hours ago, I realized they may want them to go somewhere he can’t find them. If she and the kids stayed, he’d know where they are.

      • I have seen in it the foster care system quite often. Hiding the kids sometimes can be for the best. Even though it does not seem like it. Getting the kids to safety is the most important thing. One crazed individual is all it takes for tragedy to strike one of those precious ones. Hopefully, the mom and children can be reunited when safety is ensured.

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