Stay or Go?

Drawn_wallpapers_Vector_Wallpapers_Violet_flowers_015897_Stay…                                         Go…

He’s a good man                     I could move
in most ways                        on  and find
                                           someone who
financial security                     will care.

too disruptive for                    Kids need to
the children                           see a healthy
Don’t want to get
into a major                           no walking on
custody fight.                        eggshells to
                                           avoid a fight
The grass isn’t
always greener on                  I wouldn’t
the other side.                       have to put up
                                          with being
Would anyone else                 treated like
have me?                              a child.


3 thoughts on “Stay or Go?

  1. I read this as “The Angel and Devil” on your shoulders. Only you know the answer Michelle. Talk to him. Tell him your worries and concerns. It may help. Thinking of ya….

  2. Michelle, I have been praying for you. I hope that you can come to a decision that works well for your whole family ~ but most of all gives you the peace you need to be the mom you need to be. Big hugs.

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