Got Problems?

I’m all for people having an opportunity to vent when needed. I just seem to be a magnet for people coming to me to complain about others, and it’s really getting old. If you have a problem with someone, the Good Lord said to go to THEM. not to ME.

Being the pastor’s wife does not make me a certified counselor. I like to listen and try to help, but I’m no therapist. Shoot, I probably need one myself.


4 thoughts on “Got Problems?

  1. Some people are embarrassed that they are burden with issues and may feel like talking to a “counselor” is crazy… so they seek your advice… You may want to find a good therapist you can recommend them to? πŸ™‚

  2. Trash talking should have no place in anyone’s life….at least anyone who does not want it done to them as well. Best to always just put up your hand and say that you do not believe that is the kind of talk God would want you to participate it. I find people have a hard time arguing that fact….if they do, let them take it up with God. Hugs, Sweetie!

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