Mother’s Day

This is only my 7th Mother’s Day as a mother myself.  I spent many years shedding tears on this day. Even now, I am in awe at the privilege God has given me to be a mother.


Most of the time though, when I think of Mother’s Day, I think of my own mother.  I can’t even imagine what she went through at 17 years old learning she was pregnant.  That had to be so scary for her.  This was 1970, so a young girl in that situation was frowned upon. There was no MTV “Teen Mom” show.

She contemplated all the options (adoption, sneaking and getting an abortion).  In the end, my grandmother gave her the wisest advice.  She told my mom to think about the future, not the current situation.  Giving a baby up may seem best at the moment, but what would happen years later?  It may be hard for a while, but this too shall pass. She told my mom that even though the situation would be hard for a while, it would not always be like that.  She would get older, wiser, and more stable and regret giving me up.  So my mom took that wisdom and decided to keep me.

Those words of wisdom proved to be true just 4 years later.  My mom met a wonderful man and got married, and got her first “real job” that paid well.  So today I am grateful to my mom for sticking out those 4 hard years and for everything else she has done.

Love my Mommy!  Happy Mother’s Day!


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