Just What I Needed to Hear


I love it when God tells you just what you need to hear. 

I was offered a full time job yesterday, which means I can quit these two part time jobs and stop running around like a crazy woman.  In a way, I was doing these jobs to stay out of the house.  I realized I should be happy about this job opportunity, but I was anxious too. I dread being home somethimes. I don’t want to fight when he “nitpicks.” I can only hold my tongue for so long before I blow up and all Hiroshima breaks out.

This morning I prayed for the Lord to calm my spirt and let me enjoy this new opportunity.  Then I looked at my devotion for the day…it was 1 Peter 5:7 “Cast  all your cares on HIm because He cares for you.”  

OK, Lord. I’m listening.  🙂


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