Almost 21 Years

Recently, I was going through some old photo albums and found our wedding album. I got to thinking about our upcoming 21st anniversary which will be on June 13th. I realized that I got married at 21, so I’ve been married for as long as I was with my parents.  What a journey it has been. I was so young. I remember being the new bride and meeting the base General’s wife at a fancy lunch just praying I would remember all the proper etiquette.
I remember moving straight to New Mexico right after the honeymoon and being scared because he worked night shift and I was home alone.

Three months after our wedding, my mind was blown when we moved to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. What an adventure! We got to see such beautiful places for nearly 2 years. My favorite was Cypress.

Then it was off to the frozen tundra of Minot, North Dakota. There, I began to feel myself turn into a “grown up.” It was there that I completed my teaching degree. I also found out how strong I was when I was left on my own for 4 months while my hubby went to Saudi Arabia. While he was there, his building was bombed (Khobar Towers in 1996). I still remember being nauseous waiting by the phone. An older neighbor stayed with me until I heard if he was OK. I remember her watching out my window and telling me everything was good as long as the chaplain did not pull in the driveway.
He was OK because he was at the gym when it happened. His return home marked the beginning of the transition out of the Air Force and into seminary. It was then that I made my greatest accomplishment. I drove all by myself from North Dakota to North Carolina. This was before we had cell phones, so Hubby taught me to shoot a gun and made me take one with me and call him every few hours. Then, once in NC, I bought a house and found my first teachng job.

Four churches, two kids, two Master’s Degrees, and neary one Ph D later, I look back on those early days and want to cry because I miss them so bad.
I’ve grown older and gained wisdom, but deep inside me, I’m still that young girl.



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