My Heart Can’t Take It

OK, this is why I can’t sit still and get quiet right now. I think too much.

Today I was helping at The Salvation Army when a young girl came in with a baby. She was just sobbing. Her boyfriend kicked her out and threw all her stuff in the yard.  She didn’t want money or anything. All she wanted was for us to help her find somewhere to stay.  I called a couple places nearby, but they were all full.  I searched on Google for a shelter in a nearby town and sent her there. Now it’s getting dark, and I can’t stop thinking about her and that baby.



There could be a job for me at The Salvation Army in the near future, which would mean I could quit all these other jobs. I just don’t know if my heart can take it.


2 thoughts on “My Heart Can’t Take It

  1. It would be difficult to see those situations unfold in front of you. You helped that poor woman today. She’ll never forget it, I bet.

  2. I suppose I shoud be glad I was able to help. I hope she was able to get into that place I found for her.
    Now, I do scratch my head at the people who come in at 2:00 wanting help with their light bill because they’re going to disconnect them at 5:00….Seriously? They couldn’t come a few days earlier?

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