Tonight’s Pondering

So I’m sitting here with a second tab opened to another site messaging with a friend.  Her status indicated she was not having a good night.  She said, “All Hell just broke loose.”  It seems she just told her husband she wants a divorce and he is not taking it well.  

That got me thinking (I wish I could just tell my brain to shut up).  If I finally asked for a divorce,  I would have a fight on my hands too.  That leads me to my question…Why?  These men don’t want us anyhow, so why wouldn’t they be more agreeable?  I’ve heard of a man asking for a divorce, and the wife pretty much agreed to help him pack.

Is it a guy thing?

argument arguing argue


4 thoughts on “Tonight’s Pondering

  1. Her loss will be another’s gain. =)

    I can understand someone saying, “No baby, please don’t go. Let’s work it out.” But why start a fight and threaten to make them miserable if they leave? If you are trying to change your spouse’s mind…..then be nice.

  2. I saw a quote the other day to the affect of “Not everyone in your life is meant to be in your life forever…” So true.

  3. Intimacy Disorders mean that they are miserable too, they just don’t know how to do it and they feel threatened. The more aggressive someone is to them, the more debilitated they become. There are other ways 🙂

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