I Am a Girly Girl

After having a conversation with a friend last night and reading a blog on the subject this morning, I have seriously begun to wonder why some women just let themselves go or don’t care about how they present themselves to others.


I’m certainly not saying appearance is the only thing that matters. I have been known to take my children to school in a t-shirt, pajama pants, and flip flops (don’t tell Clinton and Stacy).  I just don’t get why a woman wouldn’t want to look as good as possible.

Maybe it is because of how my mom taught me or because I spent 9 years as an Air Force wife.  Let’s face it. You don’t hang with the Colonel’s wife or General’s wife without your hair fixed and your make-up on.

It  really baffles me how some women will look their best to get a man. Then, after marriage, they let themselves go.  Don’t shoot me. I’m not talking about gaining a few pounds and having a “muffin top” after children. I mean seriously neglecting yourself.

To each her own I guess, but this girl is keeping the lipstick, mani/pedis, spray tan, and highlights.


2 thoughts on “I Am a Girly Girl

  1. I really like this entry Michelle. It’s so true. True for men too. Never stop caring about yourself… I truly believe in order to take care of others, you need to know how to take care of yourself…

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