A Lesson Learned This Morning

At my “morning job,” I am on call to sit with a patient at the hospital if needed.  Today it was a homeless man who attempted suicide. We aren’t supposed to text, play on our cell phones etc., so all I could do was sit and think. I’ve been pissing and moaning about my troubles when tnis man and many others have a whole lot worse problems than me.


I’ve also begun volunteering at the Salvation Army and am ashamed of myself for not being more thankful for what I do have.


5 thoughts on “A Lesson Learned This Morning

  1. Each of us have issues and problems, and while it can help to have something or someone out it all into perspective, don’t discount your troubles as “nothing”.

  2. True. My troubles aren’t nothing. It just made me see I haven’t been very thankful lately. My children and I (and even my aggravating husband) are all fed and healthy.
    I do need to slow down and take care of myself though.

  3. Yes… take care of yourself first. Sounds selfish, but hey…if Momma ain’t healthy, everyone around will suffer. 🙂 Think of it as “self-care” 🙂

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