She Wonders

The cowboy hat and boots in boxes on the shelf…

The pool stick tossed in the back of the closet…

The dart board wrapped in paper in the garage…

Lingerie buried in a drawer…

Souveniers from ball games on the shelf…

Pictures from great vacations hanging on the wall…


She knows she shouldn’t live in the past, yet she

still wonders what happened to the life they used to have.


3 thoughts on “She Wonders

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  2. Unbox the boots and hat, find the lingerie and put that on too. Surprise your man and TAKE him… No options for NO. You won’t allow it. 🙂 (and if he argues, introduce him to the pool stick…) Just sayin….

  3. LMAO! I needed that this morning. Thanks for making me start off the day with a laugh. I just remembered that somewhere around here are his handcuffs from when he was an MP. Those could come in handy too. 🙂

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