She Searches

She searches for strength, yet finds weakness.

She searches for peace, yet finds heartache.

She searches for wisdom, yet only finds confusion.

She searches for true love, yet only hears, “Let’s just be friends.”

She searches for the love she found so long ago, yet she is tossed aside

She searches for what once was,
yet is told “Stop living in the past.”

She searches for God to answer,
yet He remains silent.

She searches for herself,
yet she almost gone.


3 thoughts on “She Searches

  1. Replace the word “finds” with the phrase “but all he gives her is.” Replace “searches” with “she offers him” That empowers you. THIS is not your fault….

  2. yes! NOT your fault. It has nothing to do with you …. even though you are the one being affected. Both “it has nothing to do with you” and “everything to do with you” make sense!!

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