Memories of April 10, 1997



This is a story I shared on another site in honor of a baby girl we almost adopted.   There were no tears yesterday, just memories.

The nursery was ready.The diaper bag was packed, and the baby seat was securely in the car. They waited anxiously for the phone call to tell them it was now time to come pick up their baby girl.The phone call that came was not one of joy. She answered the phone only to hear the dreaded words heard once before. “I’m very sorry, but the birthmother has changed her mind and decided to parent. She picked the baby up this morning.” She handed the phone to him unable to continue the conversation as her stomach rejected her recently eaten lunch.They cry together. Her face in his lap as her tears fall on the leg of his pants while his fall onto her cheek as he strokes her hair. God please! This can’t be happening AGAIN!Days later the diaper bag, baby seat, toys, and swing are in the dumpster. They will never do this again. Years later, her heart still scarred, she thinks of that baby on this day. Happy Sweet 16, baby girl…wherever you are.


2 thoughts on “Memories of April 10, 1997

  1. God works in mysterious ways… He had a different plan for you and your babies you did end up getting. Sad story, but hopefully a happy ending for everyone involved.

    • It was a happy ending, even if it was 9 years later.=) The tears have long since stopped. I just still think about her and the baby boy we almost got a year before this happened. I hope they are happy and well.

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